Digital marketing is waste of money

I often meet people who claim that digital marketing is too expensive, time consuming and it’s not worth.


I ask them to give reasons and they give excuses. (You know what is difference between reasons and excuses)

Anything not done right is wrong.

Let me come to the point now

Read this carefully

Scenario 1

To get 10 customers you may have to call 100 people. If you do this daily you will be able to call 2000 people in 20 days

In this activity you are spending good amount of time and money and resources.

Scenario 2

You start with one blog post, you spend same time taken in calling, you write another post another day, you do 3rd post 3rd day and this happens for 20 days.

When you do this, you are now sharing one post a day and your audience is expanding, when you do SEO for your blog, write relevant and useful content you are now getting ranking on Google.

When you rank on Google, you don’t have to call or reach people. People reach you by searching and finding you.

Don’t you this is a best way to attract and engage with people and offer them services than calling people randomly and trying to convince them to buy and you then have to offer discount to sell.

Now you write blog everyday for 30 to 40 days.

SEO Tip – If you focus on right topic and keep writing blog you will start getting relevant people. Initially don’t bother about volume.

Not writing relevant content is biggest SEO mistake made by many people.

One blog post gives you 100 visitors, when your network starts expanding your reach starts growing. 

You reach a stage where writing and posting one blog gets you 1000 visitors which is giving you 10 most relevant customers.

Read this more carefully now

When you don’t call for one day you lose those 10 customers.

In scenario 1 – You are having 10:1 even after 100 days

In Scenario 2 – You have 1:100 after 100 days

As a business owner, what do you think you should be doing?

Scenario 1 is an expense and scenario 2 is an investment.

Now it’s your decision to spend money or make an investment which will give you results.

If you are taking too long to decide and act, you are basically giving opportunity to your competitors grab your customers.


success comes when you start taking action on your decision and stop giving excuses.

Now you need to decide what is more expensive. Digital marketing or traditional marketing.


It’s time to partner with right digital agency or digital strategist who knows business and digital marketing both to get more customers. This is best time to invest in digital marketing and building your audience who are ready to do business with you.