Difference between Need and Want

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a sales professional, your goal is to increase sales. You want to see numbers on your sales report &  sales graph to grow.

But the reality is, selling is a tough job. It’s not as easy as it looks. 

You can’t increase sales if customers don’t buy your products or services.


You can’t increase sales if your customers don’t need your products or services?


You can’t increase sales if your customers don’t want your products or services?

Confused about above statements?

Customers will buy your products if they have a need or if they want.

Read further to know more about need and want.

So, what’s the difference between need and want?

My friend Ajay recently spoke about the sales process and he wanted to know how he can increase sales. While talking to him, I found that he and his sales team was a bit confused between understanding what customer needs and what customer wants.

They were losing orders and opportunities just because of this confusion.

I will start with need first

Need is something you must have and you can’t do without it. It’s like having a Laptop. It’s called need.

You must understand what your customer needs instead of what he wants and by understanding his problem, give him a right solution which can satisfy his need.

Typically, some sales people can’t understand what customers need and they try to sell something which may not solve their problem. Today, customers are becoming intelligent and many customers are aware of their needs.

Some customers may not be aware of their needs and you will have to understand their needs, educate and then close a deal.

Note: Budget and Pricing and competition are beyond scope of this article. I will cover those parts in my blog soon.

What is want?

Want is something you may not need or you may have a need but you know what you want.

Your customer may not be aware of their needs, they may just want to have something and that time if you are trying to tell them that they don’t need that, you may lose an opportunity.

Your customer will buy it from your competition. He may use it or may not use it. But he will spend his money and buy.

Should I sell something my customers doesn’t need?

Answer is “YES” and “NO”

In my career, I have seen many sales professionals focus on the selling process. I would suggest you must change your role, and think about buying process of your potential customers.

It’s not easy to read your customer’s mind. You must use right questions to get answers from him. That’s a bit difficult process if you have not done such things before and if you have not done your homework.

Most important thing is you must know your products and solutions completely and identify your target audience and their persona.

You should be very clear about who will buy your products and services, who needs your products and services and who can buy your products & services.

Want is more important than a need.

Trust me, I have experienced this in my career.

If a customer knows what he needs, he will buy something cheaper or something which can satisfy his need. This happens. If you try to convince them that your products are better or stuff.. You will have to work hard in convincing stuff. Right. ..

When a customer wants something, he is ready to spend money, he will decide and buy. It’s an emotional decision. When he wants something, price becomes less important.

So what now?

It’s time to think about your marketing strategy, your sales process and sales strategy, pricing and your competition. If you don’t spend enough time on marketing and sales strategy, understanding your competition, your customers and their buying habits then you will compete with others.

Don’t compete with others. Know your business, know your customers, their wants, needs, desires and keep improving your marketing & sales strategy.

Spend time in doing your homework than just doing trial and error.

How can we help?

We at OPTRON can help you in getting more inquiries, we can make sales and marketing strategy for your business, we can provide sales training, marketing training to your team and improve their skills.

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