Read this If you are a very busy person or you don’t have time.

Have you heard something like this before?

Ramesh: How are you Suresh?

Suresh: Good but very busy man. As always.

Ramesh: WOW, you are a lucky guy.

Suresh: What lucky? Life is hell.

Ramesh: What happen?

Suresh: Nothing, routine work.

Ramesh: ???

Most of us feel proud of being busy. We think, If we are busy, we are valuable.

I want to share something with you today,

What kind of busy person are you?

Busy word is typically misunderstood like a person who doesn’t have time.

And FREE means person doesn’t have any work to do.

Let me clarify,

A true meaning of being Busy means  you have “a mission on mind”

And FREE means you are available for next mission.

There are two meanings of being busy:-

You are busy doing nothing


You are busy with “a mission on mind

Examples of real busy people:-

  • Real busy people are more productive
  • They know how to schedule their task
  • They can balance personal and professional life
  • They make commitments and fulfil.
  • They plan well, act well, they know how to get work done.
  • They know how to command
  • They know how to lead, how to measure, and how to improve.

There are other kinds of busy people

  • They use “busy” word as an excuse.
    They have an excuse for everything.
  • They don’t believe in efficiency, productivity, and results.
  • They are people who can just work.
  • Managing people, delegating work, planning work and assigning priority to tasks is not possible for them.
  • They can’t even manage their personal and professional life.

Being too busy doing things which are not going to take you anywhere, being too busy doing things which others can also do, and doing things without planning is known as “Gaddha Majuri”

Now it’s time to change. Time to change from being busy doing nothing to being busy having “a mission on mind”

What’s Solution?

There is a solution for every problem. Let’s see how we can solve this problem

Evaluate yourself first by asking following questions:-

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Is there something I am doing which I am not supposed to do?
  • Is there something I am not doing which I am supposed to do?
  • Is there anything I am doing which someone else can also do?
  • How can I get work done from other team members?

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck.


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